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Uffington Church of England Primary School

Preparing for the future; living life in all its fullness

The Uffington School Curriculum

Preparing for the Future; Living Life in all its Fullness

We are a family-orientated school, a place where we strive to provide the best possible education in a caring Christian environment; an education that sets the highest standards of work, behaviour and good manners. We seek to develop the individual strengths of each child within our small school where each unique personality can be recognised and valued.

We are a happy, friendly school where every child is challenged and has the opportunity to take part in a wide range of activities. We believe in providing a rich curriculum full of opportunities for every child to broaden horizons and develop a life-long love of learning, wherever possible making links across the curriculum and using the environment as a learning tool. We aim to foster in pupils of every ability a real sense of purpose and belonging, so that their individual talents may be put to good use in the lives that lie ahead of them.

Our curriculum strives for excellence where children can fulfil their potential in a safe, nurturing and challenging environment. From a child’s first day at Uffington School, we aim to create an atmosphere in which they are keen to learn and eager to progress. We give the children new opportunities for discovery, while retaining a base in traditional learning and rewarding hard work.

Learning to be Me

At Uffington School, we support children to begin to understand what it means to be human. This is an important part of developing self-respect, a sense of identity and self-worth. In turn, this enables them to learn to value and respect others. Our pupils have many opportunities to reflect upon, consider and celebrate the wonders and mysteries of life, and to experience moments of stillness. They are able to develop their emotional life and express their feelings and beliefs within the nurturing community of our church school. We recognise that these areas of experience are common to most people – they may be considered as the ‘third dimension’ of existence alongside the physical and mental. All these may be explained and explored in both religious and non-religious terms, and demonstrate our commitment as a church school to welcome those of all faiths and of none.

Learning New Skills

At Uffington School we set down the foundations for a lifetime of learning; we place a huge emphasis upon the key skills of literacy and numeracy. Thanks to our small size, our teaching is child-centred and personal, which helps us foster critical thinking skills through a broad and balanced curriculum. This curriculum is planned to ensure that activities in every subject build upon children’s previous learning and ensure an appropriate level of challenge.

Learning to Stay Healthy

We believe that happy children learn best; we teach children how to keep both their minds and bodies healthy.

Everyone at Uffington School is encouraged to stay fit and active; we ensure that all children engage in recommended levels of physical activity every day. We have a well-established and impressive reputation for school sport and all children are given the opportunity to represent the school at some point in their time with us.

Learning Together

By the end of their time at Uffington School, each child will be fully prepared for the next step in their educational journey. They will have worked together with other people, both adults and their peers, and learnt how to listen, contribute and become good team players. We value highly the relationships between our children, parents and the local community; working together to develop confident and responsible young people who realise that they have the power to bring about change and are ready to take their place in a diverse and ever-changing world.

I have come in order that you might have life - life in all its fullness.  

John 10:10

Education is about fullness of life

Archbishop William Temple

The teachers are very encouraging and help us when we go wrong. The teachers praise us for good work and we know we have done well.

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