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Uffington Church of England Primary School

Preparing for the future; living life in all its fullness

Our Christian Vision


We are a family-orientated school where everyone is welcome, a place where we strive to provide the best possible education in a caring Christian environment; an education that allows everyone to flourish and have the confidence to make a positive contribution. We seek to develop the individual strengths of everyone within our school community, where each unique personality can be recognised and valued.

What do we mean by this?

Living life in all its fullness is a quotation from the Holy Bible, specifically the Gospel according to Saint John, an extract from Chapter 10, verse 10.  This is a part of the Bible where Jesus explains how he comes to look after us all.  And very importantly, for that life to be meaningful and lived abundantly, growing in trust and knowledge.  It also points to the importance of all who teach and learn and the relationship between the two groups.

A definition of Spirituality and how we understand it

Life at the Uffington Church of England Primary School means we help with spiritual, moral, social and cultural education.  The Education Reform Act refers to spiritual development for all pupils. 

To help us understand and explain what this means, we offer this definition and draw your attention to the policy for Spiritual, Moral, Social and cultural development.

Spirituality means the following to us:
We will help each individual in the whole school community consider their own self-worth.
Individuals will recognise that other people are important too.
We acknowledge that many people feel that there is something outside of me and others.  Christians name this as God, as revealed to us in the life of Jesus Christ.

 Our Vision is underpinned by scripture by virtue of our foundation as a Church of England School.  We see this in St John, where the phrase, "Preparing For The Future; Living Life In All Its Fullness" takes its inspiration.  In this part of the Bible, Jesus tells a story that explains that he is here for everybody no matter what you've done or who you are - all are valued. 

We use this to help us understand that to teach our children, we need to consider the needs of the whole school community: all pupils, staff, volunteers and those who care for children at home, as well as to consider the wider local community of which we are part.  (St John 10:10)

St Paul also explains that each of us has a unique part to play, and we need one another to flourish.  We see how important we are.  We also see how essential others are.  (1 Corinthians 12:27)

These two parts of the New Testament help us understand that Jesus came to change the world and to give us hope. 

This hope isn't an abstract dream, but a teachable concept developed by the trusting relationship between all who teach and those who learn.

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