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Uffington Church of England Primary School

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Forgiveness is at the root of Christianity. Sorry, can be a hard word to say. It is also one that really lacks meaning if said too quickly. We are asked to change by accepting what we have done wrong, the hurt it may have caused and how we will make things right. When forgiven, we move on as better people. Jesus repeatedly says that we should freely forgive those things that people are genuinely sorry for. (St Matthew 18: 22)

At Uffington, we understand that things can go wrong; we make poor choices and this can hurt others. We always take time to think about what has gone wrong and how to make amends. We forgive others when they are sorry and seek our forgiveness.

Forgiveness is when someone does something wrong. They say sorry, and you say, “That’s OK”.

Beatrice Y2

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