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Uffington Church of England Primary School

Preparing for the future; living life in all its fullness


How parents can help us:

  • Ensure that their children attend school regularly and that they arrive on time.
  • Contact the school whenever their child is absent, giving details of the reason or the absence and the length of time the child will be away.
  • Help their child prepare for the school day by ensuring that homework has been done and the child has everything he/she needs for the day ahead.
  • Attend Parents' Consultation Evenings to discuss progress or problems and talk to the staff if there are problems or changes in family circumstances which may affect the child.
  • Contact the school if problems arise which may keep their child away from school, so that the school can help.


If your child is not well enough to come to school, a telephone call or email to the school office at the earliest opportunity is much appreciated. In this way we can ensure that all children who should be in school have arrived safely.

If you wish to keep your child away from school for any reason (hospital appointment, etc), notification by email or telephone in advance is requested.

Holidays during Term time

The headteacher is not permitted to authorise family holidays during term time except in exceptional circumstances. Further information can be found in the school's Attendance Policy which can be accessed via the link below. A Fixed Penalty Notice will be issued to any parent or carer who chooses to take children on holiday during term time; this includes day trips and where parents and carers choose to start a holiday before the end of term, or return after term has begun.

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