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Lockdown - One Week In

It has been an interesting week as we entered a period of national lockdown... 

It is true to say that never has the school been so quiet during term time, but I am pleased to say that everyone is pulling together and doing their best in challenging circumstances.

Firstly, I would like to pay tribute to the staff who are learning a completely new way of working - for the first time in our professional lives, we are having to plan learning in the knowledge that we aren't there to deliver the lessons we are planning and guide the children in their learning. However, Uffington parents are a resourceful bunch and I would like to pay tribute to you for taking responsibility for guiding your children as they learn in a different way. Many of us are starting our days in the company of Joe Wicks and it has been great to see all the other wonderful activities that have kept the children busy and active while school is closed.

School has actually been open all week - we have the vital task of caring for the children of our frontline workers in the NHS while the country is in lockdown. The children have been fantastic, taking a complete change of routine in their stride (no uniforms and quite a lot of play, as well as completing the tasks set for everyone stuck at home...)

We are taking this opportunity to give the school a thorough tidy and clean; Mr Cattermole has already redecorated the Y56 classroom and is all set to start KS1 on Monday. When we do eventually return to school, we plan a fresh start with lots of new resources including new reading books that meet with the inspectors' approval!

Thank you so much for your messages of encouragement and support at this difficult time.

Helen Simms


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